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  Watch Pet Mania’s feature on “Nathan for You” !! Click the link below, watch the 30 second commercials and you will be able to see | the whole Pet Mania segment featured… Continue reading


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*NEW 04/14/2014 PLEASE check out our Ad in”The Tolucan Times” There is a special PET edition. Please read our editorial and shop with us! Help support the RESCUES!


*NEW 04/14/2014 Pet Mania currently has 2 Kittens available for adoption! This little Grey Striped Tabby is about 8 weeks old and we also have a Black kitten that is also ready to… Continue reading


*NEW 04/14/2014 Pet Mania has 2 Blue, Female Parakeets up for adoption.  

Cattledog Pup! Adopted!

Very cute Cattledog Puppy. She is 14 weeks old, Female. This cutie has been adopted! Thank you!!!

Guinea Pigs!

*NEW 04/14/2014 Pet Mania has a litter of 4 Guinea Pigs. There are 3 Males and 1 Female. Very cute little ones!

2 Beautiful cats. Both Adopted!

These 2 brothers have been adopted! THANK YOU!!  

“Bella” has a new home!

“Bella” the Chihuahua has been adopted! THANK YOU!

ALL Chihuahua Puppies Adopted!

All FOUR of the Chihuahua puppies have been adopted! THANK YOU!

Lhasa Apso/Chihuahua Puppy! ADOPTED!

This SUPER CUTE Lhasa Apso/Chihuahua pup did not last long at Pet Mania. He was adopted very quickly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

“Gorgeous” has found a new forever home!

The beautiful “Gorgeous” has found a new home! THANK YOU!!!

Patty The Pet Psychic!!

ONLY @ Pet Mania!! Patty The Pet Psychic will be coming by on Saturday, March 15th from 12pm-4pm. Donations are greatly appreciated and you do not have to bring a pet. Everyone is… Continue reading

Orange Tabby! Adopted!

This beautiful orange tabby now has a new home! THANK YOU!!

Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound Geri has been Adopted!

“Geri” the Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound now has a new home! THANK YOU!!

German Shepherd! “Tasha” ADOPTED!

This BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd is female. She is 1.5 years oldand has all her shots! Her name is “Tasha” *UPDATE. Tasha has found a new home. THANK YOU!!

Lots of Kittens ADOPTED!

Thank you to everyone who adopted a kitten within the past few months! I am sure all those cute kittens appreciate their new loving homes!! THANK YOU!!  

Maltipoo! ADOPTED!

This Maltese/Poodle mix has found a new home! THANK YOU!!!  

Lionhead Bunnies. Adopted!

Both of these Lion head bunnies have been adopted. THANK YOU!

CUTE tortoiseshell! Adopted!

This very cute and fluffy Tortoiseshell kitten has been adopted. THANK YOU!!  

Guinea Pigs! All Adopted!

All these Guinea Pigs have been adopted. THANK YOU!

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